Kidney Belts

They may not look as imposing or serious as a full chest protector or airbag vest, but trust us when we say that dirt bike and motocross kidney belts can absolutely save you from a world of hurt. Not just trauma and shock from outside impacts, mind you, but from injuries caused by excessive strain. We probably don’t have to tell you that, especially for the competitive motocross rider, there is a whole lot of force translating through that seat and wrenching your body in all kinds of directions with speed and intensity. A dirt bike or motocross kidney belt can help to prevent strain injuries to your lower abdomen, keeping you on the road longer.

Considering this double-whammy of injury mitigation and/or prevention, we take motocross kidney belts just as seriously, if not more so, than more “armor-y looking” pieces of protection. Lucky for you, this means that we only feature the most ingeniously and robustly designed dirt bike kidney belts that combine support, protection, comfort, and mobility to completely elevate your riding experience for the better.

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