Neck Braces and Support

Crafted with incredible attention to detail and made to meet a critical, often overlooked safety need of all riders, we are very proud to unveil our complete selection of dirt bike and motocross neck braces and support gear. The unfortunate statistical reality for many dirt bike riders, competitive or otherwise, is that they will at some point suffer an upper spine injury that may or may not have painful and career-ending effects. But worry not, because our rigorously tested dirt bike neck braces have been shown to drastically reduce the incidence of cervical spine injuries. And that, fellow riders, is a very, very good thing.

If it’s been a while (or forever) since you’ve seen and/or worn a neck brace for use on your dirt bike, let us first comfort you in explaining that we aren’t trying to throw you in a clunky and metallic monstrosity that’s going to restrict all your movement. No, thanks to brands like Leatt that are leading the charge in dirt bike and motocross neck brace design, you have many top-quality neck braces to choose from that are ergonomically contoured to the body, designed to fit comfortably with durable padding, and loaded with other features to keep you safe and comfortable. Let’s get into it!

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