Our Story

MXGear.com was born out of a partnership with a British Motorcycle Accessory company in 2005. While the UK products and Accessory world is still a great niche, we at MXGear.com saw an opportunity to use our years of Motorcycle experience and connections throughout the Motorcycle world to bring a large variety of Powersports, accessories and other cycle related items to the consumer at discount or closeout prices.

At MxGear, we love to get out and ride, and we know first-hand the importance of quality Moto gear and parts. We stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we design our own line of award-winning Raccoon Racing branded gear and clothing. Whether you're new to Motocross or adventure riding or a seasoned pro, we gladly share our enthusiasm for our products. The track or trail, this indeed is where we love to play.

What began as a group of just a few trail riding enthusiasts is now one of the nation's best Mx Gear site / store But no matter how large we grow, our roots remain firmly planted in the power sports industry. Our passion for riding and providing the best Motocross Gear is clear, whether you visit our retail store, phone us, or interact with us online we will always provide you with top level service.

By staying true to our roots, we've earned a place in the Motocross industry. We work hard to earn our reputation for quality and integrity every day. Our core purpose guides everything we do: we all work to inspire, educate and outfit all riders for a safe enjoyable experience both on and off the race track.

Each year, MxGear donates dollars to support the sport we love. We sponsor talented riders help build trails, clean up woodlands areas to accommodate more trail lands. Through responsible business practices across our company, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint we leave.