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Dirt Bike Gear & Dirt Bike Apparel from MX Gear

Whether you’re just going off-roading for fun or you’re a serious competitor on the track, you want to have the best gear possible.

Safety and performance are the two big issues you’re looking at whenever you invest in dirt bike gear, which makes the choice all the more important.

Our team here at MX Gear has assembled great pieces from brands like Alpinestars, Shoei, Fox Racing and more so you can get everything you crave on dirt.

Dirt Bike Riding Gear, Apparel, & Accessories

Riding gear encompasses everything from the most simple jersey to the highest-tech pair of boots on the market. Your personal riding style will largely decide what kind of gear you’ll want to look at.

Serious racers are going to need more of a complete kit than those who just take a dirt bike or maybe a quad to the track on weekends in order to wind down. That’s why MX Gear has made sure to stock more than enough for every kind of rider.

Women’s Dirt Bike Gear

Adult female riders are free to choose from a large selection of different types of jerseys, gloves, boots and even protective eyewear. This last category has really started to grow as some of the top riders in the sport have demanded more from their goggles.

We’ve made sure to keep pace with even the fastest trends, which is why we stock big items like the Main Skew spark goggles from Fox. They’re new for 2022 and come with all of the latest safety features built right in. Serious riders are always encouraged to keep an eye out.

Dirt Bike Gear for Men

Adult male MX equipment includes combos as well as individual pieces of gear. Casual riders might not need every single piece of gear possible, but they’re still encouraged to stock up on enough pieces to stay safe out on the track.

Fortunately, all of the hottest brands are designed to look every bit as cool as possible on dirt, which means you’ll never have to worry what that padding is going to seem like. New jersey designs are coming out all the time, and our crews are hot on the trail of all these new pieces.

Kids Dirt Bike Gear

Youth dirt bike gear is sized perfectly for younger riders, so they’ll get a level of protection and comfort that’s tailored to their needs.

Using oversized adult gear in place of youth dirt bike gear is never recommended, since it’s likely that a younger rider would float around in anything that’s too large.

As a younger rider starts to grow, they can graduate to adult gear, but quite a few pieces will grow with them if they continue to stick with the sport of motocross.

Find the Best Dirt Bike Racing Gear at MX Gear

No matter if you’re looking for boots, gloves or a sturdy pair of goggles, MX Gear has what you need to bring your A game out to the track. Race on over to our online contact form for more information about what’s in stock today.

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