Youth Motocross Gear

Motocross is a popular sport that attracts people of all ages who ride on dirt bikes that have been modified to perform better off-road. Having the right gear is essential for the safety of any motocross rider, but especially for children.

Youth dirt bike gear is something that can be worn by both kid and teen riders who want to take part in the sport. If your child is going to race motocross, then they need the best youth motocross jerseys, pants, helmets, eye protection, gloves, and boots.

And if you’re a parent who wants their child to take interest in this exciting sport, then gifting them with eye-catching motocross gear might be a good way to get them started! Fortunately, at MX Gear, we have all the apparel and gear your kids need to be successful on the track.

Youth Dirt Bike Gear

We have something for every child, whether they’re just starting their dirt bike journey or are already on the way to becoming a pro. We carry jerseys, pants, helmets, and more from the most popular brands in the sport, so you know your child will be safe and comfortable every time they get on a bike.

We offer comfortable, stylish boys’ and girls’ motocross jerseys in both youth and kids sizes from trustworthy brands like Fox Racing and Answer. Make sure they’re covered from head to toe in reliable gear that doesn’t interfere with their mobility, and you’ll empower them to excel on the track!

Youth Motocross Apparel

The ideal dirt bike jersey has a precise fit while still allowing for freedom of movement. Jerseys with ventilation facilitate better airflow, and drop tail designs are best for tucking into pants.

Additionally, we carry youth motocross pants in various styles and colors from Fly Racing, Thor, and more. You’ll find matching pants for your jerseys to create a coordinated racing outfit.

Our selection includes pants that feature knee panels for improved grip, leather heat shields for protection, and polyester mesh for breathability. These pants have durable constructions, so you don’t have to worry about them being ruined easily by the accidents that new riders can expect.

Youth Motocross Helmets

We know safety is the number-one priority for you, which is why we carry a great selection of motocross helmets for kids. These helmets are designed to provide shade from the sun, block out peripheral distractions, and offer protection in case of a crash.

We carry helmets in everything from solid black to bright pink, so you’re sure to find a style that your child will gladly wear. Even better, you’ll be able to spot them on the track.

Youth Motocross Guard Pads for Chest, Knees, and Shoulders

When it comes to youth dirt bike gear, many parents might not think about buying chest protection and knee guards for their children. However, these protective pads are very important for keeping kids safe while they’re riding!

Chest pads help protect kids from getting injured if they hit the handle bars, or fall off their bike and land on their chest. Similarly, knee guards help protect their knees from scrapes, bruises, or worse, in the event of an accident.

Youth Dirt Bike Apparel and Gear from MX Gear

At MX Gear, we understand the importance of high-quality protective gear, especially when it comes to younger riders. With our passion for riding and years of experience, we’re always happy to help new riders and seasoned pros alike.

We’re excited to help if you have questions or need advice picking out the most appropriate motocross gear for your child. For more information about the best youth dirt bike gear on the market, reach out to our team today.

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