Cold-Weather Offroading 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Cold-Weather Offroading 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Apr 1st 2024

In more ways than one, that sudden plunge into below-freezing (or even sub-zero) temperatures has a way of throwing off your usual routine. If you’re lucky enough to include offroad adventures into that routine, then consider this your simple breakdown of cold-weather-worthy offroading gear to help you adjust to the colder temps without giving up on your passion. From heated gloves to jackets and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered!

Heated Gear Is a Must!

Heated gear has come a very long way since its infancy. Namely, with our selection of heated offroad gear from brands like 509 and FXR, you don’t have to worry about bulky heating elements, chargers, and/or chords. A powerful and offroad-grade pant liner, glove, boot sole, or jacket with built-in heating capabilities can totally revolutionize your cold-weather offroading experience. In fact, we’ll wager you will lose track of time out there, just like tooling around in the summer. (Just don’t be late for dinner.)

Jackets That Do It All

The core functionality of a jacket isn’t rocket science: keep you warm. But our selection of brand name offroading jackets go far, far beyond this bar to provide additional layers of performance-focused functionality, durability, and convenience. For example, Thor’s Terrain Jacket features abrasion-resistant paneling, multiple high-volume zippered pockets, zip-off sleeves, reflective accents, a moisture-wicking liner, and much more. Suffice it to say, you are completely free to raise your standards and keep them there when looking for a top-tier offroading jacket for cold-weather riding. And why shouldn’t you, eh?

Don’t Forget the Base Layers

It’s easy to just focus on heated gear and hard-shell jackets when it comes to cold-weather offroading, but if you neglect the importance of base layers, you’re missing out on the chance to further protect and insulate yourself from the chilling cold. Our Fly Racing and Klim base layers are made to just about cover you from head to toe, including a complete offering of base layer shorts, pants, shirts, and more, all made with weatherproofed, moisture-wicking material that moves and breathes with you.

A Final Word to the Wise

Rather than trying to memorize every top brand’s catalog and compare every single data point, it’s better to get a general sense of high-quality versus low-quality features so you can confidently research on your own and make an informed purchasing decision. Look back on this guide to see what we mean when we say high-quality gear: you want low-profile, insulated and weatherproofed, yet mobile and breathable material that provides enough protection and warmth without getting in your way. It’s that simple. Get out there, and don’t forget the hot cocoa afterwards!